10 Amazing Tips For New Parents

When you ask a parent what it feels like to have a child, most of the; if not all; would probably conclude that it is the best thing that ever happened to them. But little do you know that they are hiding those unpleasant little moments that made them wish about not being fit to be a new parents after all. If you are a first time parent or parent-to-be, then read on these helpful tips that will surely make a  big difference in you and your partner’s lives. 

New ParentsAlways work out on a schedule

If there is one thing that you will be begging to have when you enter the phase of parenthood, it is  sleep. Women who are pregnant get a hard time trying to get asleep, because of the the baby moving around  inside their tummy and the fact that they have to pee a million times at night. If you think that it’ll get better once the bub is out then think again, because you will be spending more time cradling your little one on your sleeping hour than actually doing what is designated for it.

The key to have a good sleep and coping up with your tired body is making a schedule that will work out for you. This will enable you and your partner to take alternating time in taking care of the baby. It will be rough in the first months after giving birth but evenrtually it will smoothen out because the baby will tend to follow his own regular list of activities including nap time.

Prepare all the baby stuff that you will need

By baby stuff, it means not only the clothing and necessary food supplements but also the gears that will help you. You need to ask other parents and observe how they cope up with their everyday chores even when they have to carry the baby around. Moreover, you need to think about getting the kind of baby gears that will certainly make your life better.

Get yourself a crib. Choose a crib that has a top and bottom layer because it is not advisable for babies to be placed in the bottom area of the crib at a very early age. You need to pick your youngster up in a very careful manner every single time so you better get a crib that will not make you bend over way down.

Get yourself a baby carrier or baby wrap. For infants, this is the best option to take. Most babies love the warmth and close contact with their parents, making them want to cuddle in every moment of every day. If you have lots of household chores to do or work and still want to be with your child, then this is the best solution. Also, it will indeed make your day less tiresome with all the manual carrying using both hands. Just make sure that you pick the best kind of carrier or wrap so that you won’t get any issues.

Always make your baby’s safety a top priority

Even in rush hours, always remember that your baby is your top priority; not you, not the other people or your work. When you find yourself in a compromising situation, think about how it would affect your child. You are a parent now, your life is basically not your anymore. Every single thing that you do will affect your child in so many great ways so be wise on your decisions.

Don’t miss out on your baby’s check up dates

You think that it won’t make a big difference if you skip a checkup dates? Think again! These dates are one of the most important dates of your life because this will determine so many thing about your child. Checkup does not always imply how your baby’s health is. It gives you a general picture of what your baby is like and what kind of things are there to worry about or be of relief.

Infants need to be checked and monitored regularly because you won’t know what will come and surprise you. They do not have the ability to convey what they are feeling especially when they are still at the first to fourth months of their lives. So keep a free schedule on date days so that you won’t have to constantly worry if your baby if acting weird. 

Never risk your child’s health for saving purposes

It is very common today to see parents decide on having to pay little to save up and give their children a very minimal and cheap kind of care. Remember that your child is your top priority and investing in something that may seem okay and inexpensive is not a healthy type of investment because you could be out for more payments in the future. This is a very important thing to remember especially when it comes to medical care.

Give yourself a break

You may find yourself in a spot wherein you think that you have just reached your point and you couldn’t take it much longer to push through as a parent. This is normal. Parenthood is life changing; and it is not always happy because sometimes your body cannot cope up with the sudden changes of your schedule which delivers a whole lot of physical, emotional and mental stress. So take a break. Give yourself a 20minute Me time.

Breastfeeding is always best for babies two years and beyond

This is not a pressure for those that cannot physically feed their child with their own milk; rather this is a reminder that breast milk is the best option for feeding if your are able to do so. If you are still deciding on this, it is best if you hear what a doctor would say.

Always keep an open mind

When you become a parent you should always have that expectation for the unexpected because parenthood is full of surprises. Sometimes you will feel the need to cry or battle some serious situations so always be ready.

Enjoy and appreciate

No matter how hard it gets, learn to step back, relax, enjoy and appreciate everything that you have been blessed with. A baby is a very precious thing. You and your partner were able to bring a new life and that is amazing.

So, what do you think mom?