5 Great Things You Can Teach Your Baby Now

A baby is capable of understanding basic things and as he grows older, the process of learning continues and widens in terms of the range of more complicated stuff in life. If you are wondering what you can teach your baby while he is still a bub then you should know what are some simple stuff that can take the interest of a baby. Stimulation of senses that is triggered by the environment creates familiarity even in a baby’s mind. 

Teach Your BabySome moms are very eager to teach to their child with all the wonders in the world. It is indeed the responsibility of a parent to guide their children and establish a sense of the common knowledge in life. The key to better teaching is to consider the age appropriate ideas that your baby might be able to take a grasp even at a very early age.

Art of Exploring

Most times, parents get scared when their children are out of view; especially when they are still too little and fragile looking. This is the reason why almost all parents limit their babies’ movements and space to play. However, this type of restriction disables the baby to go about and explore his surroundings, which is very vital in a youngster’s life.

As a parent, you are your baby’s first teacher; first instructor. Whatever you and or whatever you choose to act or say in front of them, will be engraved in their minds for a lifetime. This is why you should be wise and careful in every decision that you make.

Exploration is part of a baby’s growth. You need to let your child move around while making him feel safe and secure. There is no point in panicking every time he bumps his head or falls down because experience is the best teacher and letting him experience his childhood will also make you a good teacher.

ABCs and Rainbows

Babies may not actually understand what you are trying to tell them but keeping them in a loop of familiarity will be an act of good cause in the future. This is basically what you should remember because the little ones have very inquisitive minds. They tend to retain memories, no matter what kind they are; consciously or subconsciously.

Think about what are the most common things actual teachers in school first teach whenever you bring your toddler to school. Usually, ABC’s become the foundation of speaking and reading. At a very early age, you can teach your baby the alphabet. You can recite it to him regularly whenever he is awake or you can sing it him cheerfully. It can also be a form of good play for your and your child.

Moreover, babies are very fond of colorful stuff. Studies suggest that your child will be able to interact or react more with playful toys that are full of different bright colors compared to those colorless or dull things. This will enhance your baby’s sight and cognitive skills.

Listening Skills

Newborns rely on their listening skills because they are still not very adept into seeing. Even before they are inside the mother’s womb, the first sense that they develop is hearing. That is why most baby doctors suggest that mothers speak and or sing to their baby. Moreover, when babies are out in the world, they cannot immediately use their sight because they have been submerged inside the fluids in the placenta making them close their eyes until they come out of it.

A baby that is exposed to a healthy kind of music and sound tends to be more versatile when he grows up. There have been a lot of studies that relates enhanced brain power to youngsters that grew with this kind of upbringing. As a mom, you do not necessarily need to be a nightingale just to teach your baby a wider scope of listening skills. All you need to do is make them interact with you in a way that they can cope.

Verbal Skills

This is a challenge to all parents who want to encourage their children to speak early. The secret to a better verbal practice is not to allow other people and yourselves to baby-talk the baby; meaning do not talk to them in a gibberish way. Teach them how pronounce or enunciate properly and talk to the appropriately. However, you need to consider what set of words you should use.

There are a lot of books that guide parents on the age appropriate words and works for their children. You need to emphasize what the word is supposed to mean with the use of your actions because most of the time, even very simple words need explanation. Babies up to toddler age are basically parrots. They will mimic the way your mouth moves and how you do things.


There are a lot of baby milestones that you need to teach and guide your child through. Crawling, standing up, walking, running and jumping are just a few of the many motor movements that need to be taught. Although these milestones are done by themselves, you need to be there to assist and look closely because they might get in an accident. There are baby gears that can also be of assistance during these stages. You can choose among walkers, strollers and the likes. There are also baby toys that encourage the child to move from one place to another.

Some parents would complain how these stages of a baby’s life is the most tiresome because they are physically up and about and you need to keep up with them. However, even with the back pains and over all aches, these teachings will surely make you realize how blessed you are as parents. These moments are events in both of you and your child’s life that will forever be blessed and cherished. You only live one lifetime so make the memories that are worth keeping forever.

So, what do you think mom?