Are baby “essentials” really important?

Building-our-Baby-with-colors-and-wooden-imagesParents always want what is best for their children, most especially when they are still babies. Expectant parents, specifically those first-timers, are too excited to show the world to their bundle of joy that they tend to get whatever they think is the “best” for their baby to enjoy a good and great life. Most parents wouldn’t care about buying expensive things just to ensure that their babies will live comfortably into the world on their first days, weeks, months, and through the years. But should parents really need to spend more?

Foe or friend: Are baby essentials really helpful?

There are a lot of things that parents deemed necessary for their child’s well-being such as feeding bottles, strollers, crib, playpen, pacifiers, and other toys and gadgets that they think their children must have. They even spend hundreds – some thousands – of dollars just for a crib! But who can blame them, right? With the great marketing strategies of the manufacturers of these baby products, most parents would really fall into a trap. Yes, you read it right… TRAP!

They spend thousands and thousands of dollars buying unnecessary things for their babies thinking that these things are helpful and the best. However, the truth here is that it does not only take money from their pockets but also jeopardize their babies’ health and safety, as well as impede growth and personal attachment of parent and child through the natural ways of caring for the baby. Why?

Why are these baby essentials not necessary?

Take the crib for example, parents purchase one to ensure that their baby will be protected in the four corners of the crib while he/she is sleeping and even playing. But nobody realizes that babies sleep better with their parents around them to shield them from falling or other attacks. Parents sleeping together with babies offer great attachment and certain bond that their children will feel and it will also grow along as the babies become adults someday.

When it comes to feeding, parents purchase feeding bottles but this stops the mother-and-child bonding through breastfeeding. When a mother feeds her baby formula milk, she unwittingly opens her baby to infection and sickness too since formula milk does not offer antibodies that will protect the baby from harmful pathogens. Also, are parents really sure that these milk bottles are made with safe materials? Okay, given the fact that it might be safe for the baby to use and put inside his/her mouth as claimed by manufacturing companies, parents should not forget that these bottles are still made of chemicals and substances that might affect the baby at a later ^F745860292A37620C1B418FBBAB38D42AEEF62C52E2182EEDD^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrstage of life.

Strollers? Many parents think that they develop bonding with their child while taking them out on a walk through strollers. However, strollers are still different compared to baby slings and carriers. Strollers do not offer the same attachment between a parent and a child compared to a parent using a baby sling when carrying the baby. Since baby slings and carriers place the baby directly on the parent’s chest or back, there is a sense of emotional and skin-to-skin attachment that strengthens the bond between the two of them.

Given these few examples, parents should be vigilant enough to know what is needed and what is not. After all, parents only want what is best for their babies, and so let’s give the “real” best to them.

So, what do you think mom?