Healthy Foods For Babies: Here’s What You Should Consider!

Healthy Foods For Babies: Here’s What You Should Consider! Babies need all the nutrients that they can have. After exclusively feeding them milk for about 6 months, you can start giving them solid foods. This is very essential because at this age, babies tend to need more nourishment than just a formula milk or breast milk. However, you need to be very careful on what you feed your babies because their stomach cannot withstand high quantities of nutrients and they can also react to some foods due to hypersensitivity. If you are looking for the best all-natural solids and healthy that you can give your baby then you should consider the list below. 

Foods For BabiesSquash

Most moms dig this vegetable for their babies. Not only is it very easy to mash and make into a delicious meal but it is also full of nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin C. The exciting thing that you can do when serving squash is to mash it up with another ingredient or just single serve it and still get enough nourishment for your baby. Its texture makes it very easy to swallow which is an advantage that you will definitely need because babies do not have teeth at the early stages of life.

Green Leaves

Vegetables that are green and leafy have high amount of iron which is a great need of your baby. It also contains water that can help ease water balance in his system; maintaining a good health. Vegetables can be a little bit rough to the palate when it comes to the taste but with the right preparation, you make the bitter greens into the best tasting meals. You can opt to make a soup or grind it and put a little bit of salt.


There may be a lot of issues when it comes to meat and health but this is a great source of zinc which is rarely found in other foods. Meat is not harmful when prepared properly. You cannot feed your child barbecued meat; that is just unreasonable. The key to a healthy meat diet for babies is to make a good food that doesn’t include a lot of artificial flavors or preservatives. It can be served as a soup together with the leafy vegetables or grinded using a blender so that it will be in tiny bits and baby will be able to chew and swallow.


If you are not sure what to serve your baby during snack time then it is best if you give him some healthy looking fruits. The most common fruit that is known to be a beneficial factor to the young ones and even adults is orange. Orange is not only rich is vitamin C but it also has high fiber content that can serve as cleansing for babies. It is known to help prevent common diseases such as cough and colds.

Blueberries are also deemed as one of the best kinds of fruits that you can serve your babies. It is known to have anthocyanin which is good for brain enhancement and development of other primary organs such as eye sight. What is great about these blueberries is the fact that you can cook them together with a hot soup. It is soft which makes it easy for the baby to chew.


Broccolis can be fun finger foods for baby that are best served cold. It has great components that are known to fight off serious illnesses such as cancer.  With this, you can imply that broccoli can establish a stronger immune system for your babies. Remember that it is better to be served chilled because serving it hot can sometimes ruin the whole structure of the unique vegetable.


This is a fruit that has high fat content which is good for your body because it is a good kind of fat; the unsaturated fats. You can take a spoonful of it and mix with milk or a little bit of sugar and give it to the baby. When your baby eats avocado, he doesn’t need to eat more because the fruit itself is more than enough to level into one whole meal.


Eggs are the basis of caloric content because it has the highest among all the solid foods. Most babies up to toddlers are served with egg in different kinds of cooking. It can be served in a meal or a dessert or even a drink as long as you make sure that it is properly cooked because it is a source of salmonella bacterium. This is a reminder that should be taken seriously when choosing to feed your baby with an egg.

How to quantify your baby’s food

Your baby has a very small stomach. Unlike adults, they only need to take in a small amount of high carbs or protein for them to get full. They also do not need high dosage of vitamins; unless doctors recommend it because of some underlying conditions. The purpose of allowing mothers to feed solid foods to their 6 month child is not just because they need nutrients but also because they are able to say No if they do not want to eat anymore or they.

Do not force your baby to eat when he doesn’t want to because it will only lead to unpleasant situations. Know when he is hungry so that you can give him the right amount of cooked food without worrying about having to face stomach pains because of too much eating or less.

There are a lot of manufactured baby foods that already have the exact amount needed for a baby. You can choose to feed those kinds of foods to your baby as long as you are sure that it doesn’t pose any danger to your child’s health. Moreover, you need to think about eating in a healthy and clean manner. Babies are still small and they can be very prone to bacteria because they are not widely exposed to it.

So, what do you think mom?