What is kangaroo style care?

SKIN-TO-SKINKangaroo style care is a developmental care that is beneficial for all newborns most especially for those who are in the NICU. It is also known as the skin to skin contact that involves direct contact between the newborn and the parent. Parents may hold their newborn baby very gently where they can listen to your heartbeat or to the sweet sound of your voice. Even in the NICU, you can still bond with your baby and get to know him more. Kangaroo style care is very easy to do, inexpensive, and is highly recommended by parents.

What are the benefits of kangaroo style care for your baby?

The benefits of kangaroo style care revolve around the feeling of safety, comfort, and warmth. According to research, greater bonding with parents results in a calm and less stress baby that contributes to the development of their brain and emotion. The following are the benefits of kangaroo style care to your baby:

  • Enjoys a shorter stay in hospital
  • Facilitates better sleep patterns
  • Improves the growth of the head circumference and the weight gain
  • Increases the production of breast milk from mothers
  • It also keeps infection at bay
  • Less pain and less crying is experienced
  • Mothers are more willing to breastfeed
  • Regulates the heart rate, temperature, and breathing of your baby
  • Stabilizes the function of the organs and self-regulation abilities

Newborn babies who experience kangaroo style care while in the NICU are more attached and connected to their mothers.

When is the best time to start the kangaroo care?

Kangaroo style care may begin immediately right after you give birth or wait until babies are more6b4f3_1450808618857 stable. Very small babies and babies who have medical conditions can also benefit from the kangaroo style care. Wait until your baby is stabilized and you can start the session for up to 24 hours or so. Ask advice from your nurse or professional healthcare about when your baby is ready for this kind of care.

Kangaroo style care requires a comfortable place where you can sit with some pillows to support and to help while you position the baby. During kangaroo style care, your baby will be undressed and will be placed directly on the chest of his mother or father (yes, even fathers can do this kind of care). The parent and the baby will be covered with a blanket or wrap to keep them warm and for their privacy as well.

2e1362bce66538307257bd3c2579ac97Kangaroo style care as a form of bonding

Mothers who are stressed and traumatic felt needed and reconnected with their baby through the help of kangaroo style care. It also melts the stress away making the mother feel more empowered. Research shows that mothers find it easier to bond with their baby.

A baby must be held continuously as possible with his mother. Kangaroo style care is proven beneficial not only for babies but also for mothers as it promotes attachment between the baby and the mother making them feel more comfortable and stress-free. It also keeps the babies warm, improves brain development, and stabilizes the heart rate and breathing of your baby.

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