Let’s Have Fun! Here Are The Best Games For Babies

A baby needs constant interaction to learn. Do not think that just because your child is still a baby that he won’t understand anything that is fun. You baby’s skills will be more enhanced if you keep him on the loop of a constant go. Here are some of the best baby plays or games for babies that you might want to do with your little one. 

Best Games For BabiesThe Ever Classical Peek-a-boo

Surely you have heard of peek-a-boo. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how this is done because you’ll just basically cover your face with your hands, shout peek-a-boo and then remove your hands from your face. This is a good game for a very young child because it creates an atmosphere of familiarity with the facial features of the parent or the person doing the game. A lot of babies tend to get happier if the one doing the peek-a-boo have a pleasant or friendly face. Remember not to shout too loud because it might startle the baby.

Imitation Game

Babies need to be taught in order for them to know what to do and how to do it. Notice how little babies look at you intently when you are talking or doing something that has caught their attention, you can clearly see that they are trying to figure out what it is that you are up to. So to make learning fun for babies, you have to try the imitation game wherein you copy what he is doing and then make him copy you. This will enable your baby to develop their speech and other skills faster.

Fabric Play

Many mothers are not aware that they do not need to give their minds a lot to struggle to just to figure out a game for their baby. Fabric play is when you use a clothing to have fun. You can do a peek-a-boo with it or just play around. The only thing that should be remembered when doing this is suffocation. Try not to cover your baby with any kind of fabric even though it is just a funny play because babies are real fragile. You should consider your baby’s age and the appropriate kind of fun to do with him.

Where is your..

One of the best games that you can play with your growing child is locating parts of his body. This will not only be a good bond for both the adult and the child but also a learning experience that can be used in the near future. Start with the simple parts or organs such as the eyes, nose, ears, mouth and tongue. Repeat this constantly and go through more parts of your body that are more complicated to remember and pronounce. It is good for him if he learns his anatomy first because then you can guide him to other milestones with just your voice in command.

Free Dance

Kids love to move around especially babies who are able to stand on their own. You can make this an advantage to enhance his motor skills while having fun. You just need to pick a happy song that you baby loves and dance freely. You do not need to have actual dancing skills to make this work. You can goof around if you want to. Babies are very simple beings; if they get excited and see someone happy, then they jive in.

Shaking Rattles

You can give your baby his very first toy that he can truly appreciate. Babies love to hold on to things that make interesting noises. You can get your baby a rattle so that whenever he gets bored you can shake it for him or shake it by himself. A lot of companies that are related to manufacturing baby stuff always include baby rattles in their list because they know how a baby gets delighted with a simple shaking rattle.

Bouncing Balls

Balls are very interesting toys for babies. This is because of the fact that it goes from one point to another with just a light bounce. It will be even more exciting if the balls are colorful. Make sure that you try bouncing balls with your baby. It will be a good past time to learn about colors and develop baby’s sight and listening skills.


There are a lot of rhyming videos and audio files that can help you with this game. You can sing one verse to your baby until he familiarizes it and starts a new line whenever you feel like he is becoming more comfortable with you game of rhyming. This will not only establish a good communication but it will also be a way to practice your baby’s speech and add up to the vocabulary words that he already knows and understands.

What You Should Always Remember When Choosing A Game

There are more games or child play that you can do with your little one when you have the free time. However, always make sure that the game will put no harm to your baby because most of the time inevitable accidents happen. Be wise in choosing the game with regards to the age of your baby. If he is still an infant then try singing to him; infants sleep most of the time. When your baby is bigger, then you can opt for a more active kind of play.

Moreover, avoid exposing your baby to very loud noises or too much radiation. It is highly advisable to do a game with your baby that does not involve any kind of gadget. Do things traditionally. Make use of your own hands and sense organs because that is your best tool for teaching and making things fun. However, if you feel the need to put on some music then you can opt to turn on your gadget as long as you mind the volume and not put it near the baby or on top where it can fall off and hit him.

So, what do you think mom?