Make Your Baby Safe In The House With These 10 Must Things

Not all houses are baby friendly. Baby friendly houses tend to have covers for hard edges or have a specific design recommended by architectures. If your house posts a lot of dangers for your baby then you might need to think about refurnishing because keeping a baby safe needs complete cooperation with everything, including your house. Below are some things that you need to get in order to avoid baby accidents. 

Baby Safe In The HouseCribs and Strollers

If you need to put down your baby without having to worry of him falling down or being uncomfortable then you should get yourself any or both or these baby gears. A crib is best for rooms that are big and strollers are for houses that have limited space. You can also get a crib even though you have little space to spare in your house but a stroller is more practical since you can store it up in your storage rooms whenever it is not used so it won’t be lying around in the floor.

Baby Carriers/Wraps

This baby gear is one of the safest and most helpful thing that you can have and enjoy using in the cozy ambiance of your home. You won’t have to put your baby down even when working or walking around the house; checking stuff; because you can comfortably sling your baby in your body. You will be bale to access anything using both of your free hands. 

Door Stoppers

If you have doors that closes with a sudden bang of wind, then you need door stoppers. Not only will it help avoid severe physical injuries for your baby but it will also help in maintaining a serene environment especially when your child is sleeping. You will be able to rest with ease because you woudn’t have to worry about your baby getting frightened of loud banging noises. Also, your baby won’t be locked out or in.

Device Storage

Do not let your devices such as gadgets and other electrically powered things scattered anywhere. Always make sure that you keep them away from the reach of your babies. There have been a lot of life and death cases relating to accidents that are caused by babies munching on devices or swallowing batteries. Avoid accidents by making a storage cabinet or even just a basket wherein you ca place everything that has wires and cords so that there won’t be any reason for your baby to get a hold of them.

Storage Locks

It is not enough that you keep and store away stuff that are bad for your baby. You also need to make sure that your child cannot open them because once those cabinets are open, your effort were of no use. Always buy child friendly locks that are also not poisonous in terms of metal composition because some babies may try to lick and or eat the material which will also pose danger to his health.

High Tables

Same as having locks, you also need to keepa good height preference for your cabinets and tables to put your other stuff. Make sure that it is far beyond tha reach of a child. There is a point in every kid’s life wherein they tend to tinker around everything that seems interesting. Although letting them explore is a healthy way of child-rearing, there are limitations that you need to follow as a parent because you cannot keep on allowing every actions knowing that it gives risks to your child’s life. Buy tables that are sturdy even when they are tall because unsteady furniture may fall on your baby’s head.

Outlet Covers

Outlets are sources of electricity. It can kill. Most sockets are placed on a lower height for convenience. If you have a baby, make sure that you buy outlet or socket covers so that your child cannot play with those tiny holes and get electrified. There are a lot of outlet covers available in the market with different designs. Choose something that is plain so that it won’t attract your baby’s attention. Babies tend to love the sight of colorful and playful stuff. Also, choose something that cannot be easily  opened or locked.

Furniture Bolts

If you like buying a lot of classy furniture and you have a very active child, then you need to put furniture bolts because there is a big chance that your child will bump into them. Do not put furniture that can cause great harm to your child. As a parent, you need to set out your priorities. Do you really need to keep those vases or will it be nicer and safer if your put them away. Furniture bolts will be able to keep all the fragile and or big furniture such as cabinets inplace even with sudden pressure or movement put in them.

Room Fences/Gates

This is a very common thing to put in a house that has a lot of children in it. These fences will ikeep the baby inside the quarter. This is a need for those who have rooms that are near stairs. It is better if you will also put a gate on the stairs so that you can have a double security for your child if ever he crosses on the first room fence. There is a trend now wherein fences are placed around the bed. This will keep the baby from falling which is very likely if she is in the crawling phase.

Fire Alarms and Fire Extinguishers

Even though you don’t have a baby or child in your house, you still need to have  a fire support. It is not impossible for your home to be set on fire no matter how small or big it is. To avoid any life threatening situations, always keep a fire extinguisher in storage. Also, make sure that your alarms are working and sensitive because there are times when a small fire cannot be detected which will lead to a igger and more dangerous fire.

So, what do you think mom?