Our Story

 The story behind Wrapy, one of the fastest-selling baby wraps in the world:

A few years ago,  my beloved cousin got pregnant so I thought of giving her a special present. I wanted a gift that would help her with doing the tough tasks that mothers usually do, which usually feel a lot harder if you’re a new mom. Then I saw the baby wraps some of my friends were using at the time, and I realized that I could do better;  by improving the fabric used in those baby wraps, both parent and baby will feel more comfortable.

The work began!

7 בלי קעקוע

I’ve always been fascinated with how different fabrics feel and the endless ways they can be used. So I began meticulously searching for the kind of fabric that will not only feel comfortable for the baby but will also stretch in order to accommodate its size, as well as give the holder freedom to move.

 Testing the product was crucial. It had to be with a real baby to assure it was really comfortable.  I requested our neighbors to try the product with their babies and the feedback was just amazing – they loved it!

That gave me the confidence to finally bring the baby wrap that I created to my dear cousin. A few days later, I got a phone call from her saying she loved it, asking me if I could make more for her friends and other family members. I happily said yes.

The rest, as you know, is history. The brand Wrapy was born. Now it is among the most popular baby wraps in Amazon.com, satisfying more and more parents and carers in the USA each day. Our customers enjoy the freedom that Wrapy gives, and how closer it brings them to the most precious gifts they have – their babies.


Wrapy was created with one simple, yet well-meaning, objective:

To allow the holder freedom to do other important tasks, while keeping the baby comfortable and safe at the same time.