Why Choose Wrapy?

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“For when a child is born the mother also is born again.” -Gilbert Parker

We created Wrapy® as a family company. We have children of our own, so we understand how a parent or a carer would do everything to keep the kids safe, secure, and comfortable, especially in their early months. When we brainstormed about the materials Wrapy® would be made of, our top priority was to ensure the baby’s safety. We learned a lot from sorting out what we liked and disliked about the existing baby gears in the market. We wanted our product to reflect how much we care about the parents and their babies, so we saw to it that Wrapy® is made using only materials of the highest quality.

There are many reasons why Wrapy® is your best choice. We guarantee:

  • Outstanding comfort – Made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, Wrapy® ensures that both the baby and its carer will feel comfortable. 
  • A size that fits all – This convenience allows any family member to use Wrapy®!
  • Freedom – Now you can look after your needs while keeping your baby close (literally and figuratively!) Baby wraps benefit the baby in many ways, but it also gives you the mobility to get other things done while caring for your baby.
  • A dryer-safe, machine-washable wrap – Unlike many similar products out there, Wrapy® will survive being washed MANY times. 
  • Extra wide fabric – This feature enables you to securely wrap your baby in various positions.

_MG_2906Our promise:
When you invest in Wrapy®, you and your family become a part
of a bigger circle that cares for every member that belongs to it. That’s
why Wrapy® comes with a LIFETIME guarantee in place. No questions asked. Enjoy Wrapy® with the peace of mind knowing that your interests are also protected.

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